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Below are the most recent organisations I have worked for. Please note this is not my full CV and if you woud like a copy please contact me directly.

London Bubble - Older Adults Programme Producer

Together with the Lead Artist, my aim and responsibilities are to ensure the artistic quality, smooth running and efficacy of the Older Adults’ Programme.  This includes continuing the existing programme of weekly participatory workshops, one off events, sharings, trips and seeking opportunities for development which reflect members and sector feedback.


Barrel Organ Theatre Company - Assistant Producer

Previously I worked with Barrel Organ, a theatre company who are based in the North East of England as assistant producer. I worked across three projects for young people and the community to gain better access to the arts outside of London. We specifically worked with young people who feel their voices are not heard and are NEET. Working for this company has been so rewarding and to get a better idea of how the arts and theatre companies are working regionally. 


The SLEEP Project - Creator and Producer

This is a project bringing science and performance together, specifically looking at the new science of sleep and sleep disorders such as sleep talking, insomnia and narcolepsy. Educating audiences through a series of vignettes or moments to shed light on a subject that we don't actually know that much about and how it affects us all. This project has been funded by Trinity Laban. This is an ongoing research project.

the sleep project poster final_edited.jpg

Almeida Theatre - Schools Proucer

Working directly  with the Director of Participation to set up this programme of work, and to take the lead on producing all projects relating to schools. I am currently working directly with SEND schools in Islington to plan a work experience plan for their students and I am currently revamping their schools programme for secondary and primary students. I also curate all the digital resources for teachers and students.


Kestrel Theatre Company - Assistant Producer

I worked as assistant producer on Kestrel Theatre's R&D of YOUNGERS, a project exploring the ideas around age, hierarchy, mentors and respect. This was a devised piece by an intergenerational cast, 3 young men aged between 18-22 with experience of the youth justice system, and 3 older men who are out the other side of the adult justice system. I thoroughly enjoyed being brought on as producer for this piece working directly in the rehearsal room with the rest of the creative team, helping to bring this sharing to life. This was a brilliant insight to the work they make and telling why their work is so important; and I am excited to see the next steps of this piece.

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