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Below is a selection of my work. For my full theatre-making and directing CV please contact me. 

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Camden Fringe / Theatre Deli

This is a project bringing science and performance together, specifically looking at the new science of sleep and sleep disorders such as sleep talking, insomnia and narcolepsy. Educating audiences through a series of vignettes or moments to shed light on a subject that we don't actually know that much about and how it affects us all. This project has been funded by Trinity Laban. This is an ongoing research project.

You Wake Up / OCTOPUS

Camden People's Theatre

An immersive audio-visual experience with a branching narrative created by you: a newly awakened octopus. Begin your journey - phone light in hand - to the molten centre of the earth /or/ the cold reaches of distant space to find your missing mother. you wake up / octopus is an ethereal and moving exploration of identity, gender, loss and (re)discovery performed in collaboration with its audience.

theres a man.jpeg

There's a Man in the Woods

The Space Theatre

There is a limit to how much you can love your child.

Russell knows that now.

Desperately trying to piece together the warning signs surrounding his alienated son Dean, Russell dives further and further into reliving the mess his son’s made. Hiding in a storm drain in the Nebraskan woods, he begins to see the extent of his neglect. Too bad it’s too far a parent can be tested; can they still forgive their own child if the world no longer sees them as human?

As Russell learns, sometimes you can’t.


Camden Fringe

Threshold is a raw, minimalistic take on toxic friendships and the passage of time. The show follows Alice and Belinda, as they navigate the gradual disintegration of their once-close friendship. The effect of time upon their relationship is explored imaginatively, as the plot proceeds in reverse-order.

infinity land.jpeg

Infinity Land

The Pleasance Theatre

J is building a city.

A city made of fabric, tarps, curtains, table cloths and careful stitching.

Something that's stretching into the woods,

Growing and breathing.

Kidnapped and held captive in a tent for 17 years, J seems to finally be trying to make sense of the ordeal.

Or perhaps that's just what she's telling us.

It's hard to tell, she just keeps building.

Either way, something's screaming from inside.

She's telling us it's angels.

Only Us

Bristol Old Vic

A playful and honest celebration of us. All of us. Only Us is a series of autobiographical stories about growing up, living in Bristol and feeling like you're part of something bigger. Told in two halves, Only Us combines Adam's own life story with the stories of the people he met on his travels; a melting pot of Bristolians, people you might recognise, people you might not, but people all united by the same issues - friendship, family and the search for fulfilment.

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